Full-Fledged Eye Care Diagnostic Equipment

All Vision Lab Eyewear retail shops are fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and devices.
They include:

Autorefractor Keratometer

Used to measure the degree of refractive error in the eye, it can detect myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). It can also be used to assess pre and post refractive patients.

Slit Lamp

Used to examine one’s Anterior eye, this instrument can be used with a specialist lens (volk lens) to provide a detailed stereoscopic view of the retina. It can screen for conditions such as Cataract, Dry Eye, Corneal Irregularities etc.


This non-invasive test measures eye pressure and can be done without anesthesia or making direct contact with the eye. It is used to effectively screen for Glaucoma.

Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

This device is used for Posterior eye health examination and is designed to provide an image of the retinal. It measures this without the use of dilation eye drops. It aids the optometrist in the diagnosis of Glaucoma, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy and other Retinal diseases.

ZEISS i.Terminal 2

This instrument provides precise measurements of 1/10th of a millimetre to help create optimal lenses according to a customer’s face, frame and prescription. This translates to better fitting lenses, optimum vision and reduced eye strain.

ZEISS i.Profiler Plus

This instrument gives a comfortable, fast and precise measurement of the optical integrity of the eye.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

Prioritize your EYE HEALTH starts with VISION LAB EYEWEAR

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A comprehensive eye health and vision examination is the cornerstone of optometric care at Vision Lab Eyewear. In our comprehensive eye examination, we review not only about prescription checks or visual acuity, but we further evaluate all aspects of your eye health concentrating on various eye diseases or conditions, such as eye cataracts, glaucoma, age-macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, intraocular pressure, hypertension and other retinal diseases. Therefore, having regular comprehensive eye examinations are essential as early detection and treatment can slow down or even reverse the progression of some eye conditions/diseases.

At Vision Lab, our optometrist uses the state-of-the-art eye care equipment to provide your routine eye health and vision evaluations.

Pediatric & Geriatric Eye Examination

Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for everyone.

  • For children, eye exams can play an important role in normal development and learning.
  • Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions current and to check for any early signs of eye disease.

Pediatric Eye Examination (Kids & Teenagers)

As one of the five senses, vision is an important part of your child’s growth. If your child is in school and unable to see the information that is presented visually, they may be at risk of having their academic performance negatively affected. Be sure that your child gets routine eye examinations to detect any signs of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and/or amblyopia (lazy eye) so that any treatment may be addressed as early as possible. Routine screenings also make sure that your child has healthy eyes which is an important factor for their vision development.

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Our Pediatric Eye Examination covers the following:

  • Refractive Errors (Short-sightedness, Long-sightedness and Astigmatism)
  • Strabismus (Squint)
  • Binocular Vision Function
  • Color Vision Deficiency

Remember to schedule an eye examination for your child to rule out any underlying visual cause. Our pediatric eye screening has been designed to be kid-friendly. We have children’s eye test charts suitable for kids, so that their eye test and consultation sessions can be fun and exciting experience. Our friendly optometrists will gladly attend any of your questions and recommend you with the best options and Myopia Control solutions available to you and your child.

In addition to the Pediatric Eye Examination, we also offers a wide range of children frames for kids at all ages at our outlets at Waterway Point and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Geriatric Eye Examination (Adults and Seniors)

As you age, you should prepare for vision change that may include cataracts. It is important that you visit your optometrist for regular eye exams to become familiar with the health of your eye and be able to recognize any potentially serious vision problems. Maintaining regular eye exams can significantly improve your chances of good eye health even as you age.

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As you enter your 60s, you will find that some age-related changes to your vision are normal. Changes in structure include reduced pupil size, dry eyes, loss of peripheral vision, decreased color vision and vitreous detachment. Cataracts are associated with aging, and while are common among seniors, are easily corrected with surgery. Some changes are serious and can result in the deterioration of vision quality. Included among these serious changes are glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

During your exam make sure to discuss any concerns you may have with our highly-trained optometrists. Also, be sure to mention any history of eye disorders in your family. Ensure the health of your eyes and feel free to contact any of our outlets to schedule an eye exam with our optometrists today. We will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with the best solutions or options available to you.

Contact Lens Consultation & Fitting


If you wish to enjoy all your life’s activities with the freedom without having to wear glasses – Contact Lenses are your answers!

Contact Lenses are great for sports and exercising. They will not fog up like your glasses, and you can get to experience different eye colors with the choice of various color lenses too.

If you have never tried contact lenses and would want to explore what a tiny little lenses can do, visit Vision Lab Eyewear for a Contact Lens Consultation.

The Contact Lens Fitting procedure is done by our Certified Optometrists which involves detailed refraction, examination of corneal health and its curvature, assessment of tear volume and quality.

At Vision Lab Eyewear, we take pride in our expertise in fitting the right contact lenses for your lifestyle and vision needs. Remember, not every ‘brand’ is suitable for everyone. Our optometrists will discuss which options are best suited to your prescription, eye curvature and lifestyle.

We offer a *FREE trial of disposable soft contact lenses, so you can try them without worrying if they are not suitable (*subject to availability and T&Cs Apply). Please check in store for more information.

Note: Contact Lenses are considered as medical devices, as needed by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) and Ministry of Health’s Optometrists & Optician Board (OOB), all prospective or new contact lens wearers will need to go through the contact lens fitting procedure for a Corneal Health Assessment.

At Vision Lab, we offer almost all the popular and major brands of contact lenses. We have the latest and wide range of soft contact lenses, color contact lenses and Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses. Choose from a daily disposable, bi-weekly or a reusable monthly lens.

There are suitable contact lenses that can correct almost all prescriptions, and to meet different conditions needs like, nearsighted (myopic), farsighted (hyperopic), astigmatism and presbyopia. There is no age limit for contact lenses – we have fitted children as young as 7 and have happy contact lens wearers in their 70s.

We also fit specialized contact lenses – Ortho-K overnight lenses that correct your vision during sleep and let you enjoy good vision during the day without your glasses. It is a safe alternative to laser surgery for adults, and for children it’s one of the most effective methods of preventing the deterioration of their short-sightedness.


Spectacle & Dispensing Services

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Let us help you see and look good at any age!

At Vision Lab, dispensing eye-wear is at the heart of what we do!

Besides being armed with the expertise to help our customers to choose the perfect pair of frame, lens or contact lenses, all our certified optometrists and opticians are trained and are also kept up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and designs to help you make a statement with your eyes.

Be spoiled for choices by our wondrous selection of quality eye frames, lenses and contact lenses to suit every need – daily use, business, sports, computers – we promise style, comfort and value with every purchase. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Spectacle Services we offer:

– Frame Adjustment service

– Parts Replacement service

– Adding/Replacement of nose pads service

– Recommendation of ophthalmic lenses and frames for your needs

– Polishing / Cleaning service

Corporate Eye Care Program

In this digital age, eye care has never been more vital. Faced with a world of computers, screens and gadgets, the importance of clear and healthy vision is paramount.

Your company’s vision matters, and so does your employees’ vision. A person’s vision is arguably the most important of the five senses, and in the corporate world we believe that every company’s health and wellness program must include comprehensive eye health & eye care.

With sharper vision, clearer focus and better eye health comes increased morale and productivity in the workplace.

Vision Lab offers companies and organizations an effective, comprehensive and affordable Corporate Eye Care Program.

Our Corporate Eye Care Program is designed to help our corporate clients to build up a healthier workforce in the following ways:

  • Create awareness of Eye Care and to Promote the Importance of Eye Health.  
  • Educate the workforce on various eye health topics through Eye Health Talks/Workshops that are designed to suit the needs of different groups of employees.
  • Manage and improve eye health conditions through comprehensive eye health screening that aims to address common eye diseases.
  • Organizations can enjoy great savings by utilizing our customized Exclusive Corporate Eye care Discounts.

We aim to provide all our corporate client with a rewarding eye care experience. Your organization will discover how our eye care benefits in the Corporate Eye Care Program can compliment and add value to your current healthcare program.
Kindly contact our Corporate Sales at corporate-sale@visionlabeyewear.sg or call 6458 0025 for an invigorating and rewarding eye care experience to value add your company today!