Enjoy sharp vision with quality lenses


Enjoy sharp vision with quality lenses

Why Ophthalmic Lenses Quality Matter

When it comes to eyewear, choosing frames is the fun part and the ophthalmic lenses will be the most important element as it provide you with optical vision.

Lenses are not equal; they vary for different functions. Different lenses manufacturers have different approaches and technologies incorporated into their progressive lens designs, lens surfaces coatings and treatments.

As an independent optical retailer, we have access to latest breakthrough in ophthalmic lenses from the most reputable optical manufacturers.

We offer the finest quality lenses crafted by French lenses company – Essilor, ZEISS from Germany, HOYA and Nikon from Japan, and Shamir from Israel.

As eyewear experts, our optometrists will certainly be able to give you professional recommendations, and assist you choose a pair of lenses that is most suitable for your needs and budget.

There are numerous lens design considerations and a range of quality available depending on your needs and budget.

Lens Types – Single Vision Lenses, Anti-fatigue Lenses, Digital Lenses, Office Lenses, Progressive Lenses, Bifocal Lenses, Polarized Lenses and many more. All of these lenses have pros and cons depending on the tasks they are used for.

Material, index and surfacing – these determine the optical quality (level of distortion) and lens thickness.

Coatings – these determine the level of glare, UV protection, blue-light filtering, scratch resistance, ease of cleaning and much more.

Read on for more information on lens designs and options.

We will recommend the best type of correction for your needs during your detailed eye test.

Single Vision Lenses
Lenses set for one viewing distance – for near, far or intermediate. With single vision lenses you may need more than one pair of glasses to cater for different focusing distances and visual tasks.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses
Anti-fatigue lenses are a new generation of lenses designed for our digital lifestyle. They help reduce symptoms of eyestrain, eye tiredness and headaches associated with extended usage of computer screens, smart phones and other digital devices — tasks that most of us do everyday — by relaxing the focusing muscles of our eyes.

Mobile Phones




Gaming Devices

Essilor Eyezen is an anti-fatigue lens coated with Crizal Prevencia blue-light blocking technology for even greater eye protection and comfort. Also available are Nikon’s new RelaxSee Neo and HOYA’s Dynamic Sync anti-fatigue lenses.

Progressive Lenses
Enjoy the convenience and versatility of continuous viewing zones from distance to near in one seamless lens for the most natural vision. See clearly far away, up close and in-between without taking your glasses on and off or changing to a different pair. Progressive lenses appear to others like regular lenses, with no visible dividing lines, so you can look your best, and feel younger. Also known as multifocal, varifocal, or graduated lenses.

We have available the latest customizable digital freeform progressive lenses that provide clearer, more comfortable vision, wider viewing zones from distance to near, and minimal peripheral distortion. Giving you sharper vision for everything you do.

Bifocal Lenses
Clear distance and reading vision with lenses sectioned into two distinct zones with a dividing line. This is the traditional bifocal lens with a separate, visible reading segment in the lower half of the lens. Progressive lenses are generally the better choice for all-round vision, but bifocal lenses are available for those who are accustomed to them.

Transitions and Polarized Lenses
Transitions™ or photochromic films turn dark in response to UV or short wavelength light. They darken quickly and provide 100% UV protection but take a minute or two to go clear. They are great for outdoors but do not get as dark when driving as a true sunglass because there is a minimal amount of UV getting through a windshield.

Polarized Lenses are true sunglasses designed to reduce reflected light from horizontal surfaces in addition to just reducing brightness. There are also color enhancing and contrast filters available even better glare reduction depending on what you are using them for. Ask about solid or gradient tints specific for driving, golfing, fishing, water and winter sports.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses
Many people feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed when driving, especially in difficult light and weather conditions such as rain and mist, or at dusk or night. On average 83% of spectacle lens wearers* also drive. Driving can be a real challenge for everybody – no matter how long the distance, and good vision is vital for safety. With ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses, ZEISS is introducing a new lens product category for everyday use. It is specifically designed to meet the vision needs of people who want to feel safer and more comfortable when driving with their everyday lenses. ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lens types.

*Source: Market research study with 36 ECPs and 480 consumers in the US and Germany / August 2013

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

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For excellent wearer comfort and greater safety on the road
ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are optimized specially for driving. These lenses help you enjoy better vision at night or in difficult weather conditions, protect your eyes from reflections and make it easier for you to shift your viewing focus – quickly and often. The optimum extra safety feature from your everyday pair of glasses.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses – available as single-vision and progressive lenses – minimize this visual stress when driving and make it easier for drivers to see, enabling you to arrive at your destination safely and stress-free.

Features of ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

  • Luminance Design® Technology by ZEISS – takes into account the pupil size in low-light conditions.
  • Better vision in low-light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving.
  • ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe Coating – reduces perceived glare.
  • Reduced glare at night from oncoming cars or streetlights.
  • Incorporates an up to 43% larger mid-distance zone for easier focus switching between the dashboard and mirrors. And up to 14% larger far-distance vision zone for a wider view of the road.

The benefits for the wearer
One pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving:

Better vision in low light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving. Reduced glare at night from oncoming cars or streetlights. Accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors.

A more comfortable driving experience with progressive lenses.
ZEISS DriveSafe is also available in a progressive lens design. The specially optimized near, mid-distance and transition zones ensure comfortable shift of viewing focus, reducing horizontal head movements and enabling significantly more dynamic vision for the wearer.

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