Q1. How do I join Vision Lab Loyalty Membership Program?
» 3 Steps to join:
1). Scan the given QR code OR click the provided link ( to sign up VL Loyalty Membership,
2). Complete your details and be Rewarded with Spectacular & Exclusive Members Rewards,
3). Claim the offers and start to redeem the eVouchers and COMPLIMENTARY Intra-Ocular Eye Pressure (IOP) Screening (worth S$20.00) and many attractive offers, Spend and Earn Cashback at the same time.
4). Alternatively, you may click this link: (  for the Full Step-by-Step Guide/illustration for “How to Sign Up for Membership and detailed information.”

Q2. Who can join Vision Lab Loyalty Membership?
» We welcome everyone. Anyone with a valid mobile number is eligible to join VL Membership program. Local mobile or *overseas mobile numbers are accepted. *For overseas mobile eligibility – e.g. kindly check with our storefront personnel for the list of countries.

Q3. Do I need to pay to join the Membership program?
» Membership is FREE and there is no purchase required.

Q4. How does the Membership program work?
» Upon Full sign up, you will receive an Exclusive Welcome Pack e-Vouchers.
Membership Welcome Pack e-Vouchers (One-Time Vouchers) for Members – 2023 consist of:

1). S$50.00 Vision Lab Eyewear Gift Voucher (for ALL Fully Registered Members)
Receive S$50.00 Vision Lab Gift Vouchers in the form of 5 x $10 vouchers (*can be used for immediate purchase) once you have fully registered as a member.
2). Complimentary Intra-Ocular Eye Pressure (IOP) Screening (worth S$20.00)
(To screen for signs of Glaucoma & Hypertensive Retinopathy conditions)
3). Progressive Lens Upgrade Voucher
FREE Upgrade to better performance Progressive Lens (Japan/Germany Design)
4). Myopia Control Lens Voucher
a). FREE 1 pair of Single Vision Lenses with ANY purchase of Myopia Control Lenses @ S$300 &/or above AND
b). COMPLIMENTARY Color Vision Test & Strabismus (Lazy Eye) Test
5). S$5.00 Contact Lenses Voucher (clear contact lenses &/or colour contact lenses)
S$5.00 Contact Lenses Discount Voucher (one-time) for Clear Contact Lenses &/or Colour Contact Lenses (with NO Minimum Purchase require).
6). $60.00 Comprehensive Eye Screening + Detailed Eye Screening Report (total worth $155)
7). Birthday Voucher
Receive S$10.00 x 1 Vision Lab Eyewear Gift Voucher on birthday month.

» All Fully Registered Members enjoy 5% Cashback.

Q5. When can I redeem and start using the Membership e-Vouchers in the Welcome pack?
» You can redeem and use the e-Vouchers immediately upon successful full sign up and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

Q6. Is there an expiry for the Membership e-Vouchers?
» All e-Vouchers in the Welcome Pack – 2023 are valid till 31st December 2023, except for the Birthday Rewards e-Voucher which will only be valid on your birthday month. No further extension will be accepted. However, Vision Lab Eyewear may launch new e-Vouchers and offers to members periodically and for the new fiscal year.

Q7. Will the Membership expire?
» No, your membership will not expire. However, any unused Cashback money will expire 365 days from the date of issuance.

Q8. Can I sign up for 2 memberships under my name?
» No, each person is entitled to only one membership and registration with only one mobile number.

Q9. Is there a minimum spend to redeem the e-Vouchers and to earn Cashback?
» No minimum spend is required to redeem the e-Vouchers and to earn Cashback.

Q10. How do I earn and use my Cashback?
» Make a purchase at any Vision Lab outlet and advise our storefront staff that you are a member.

» Cashback is applicable for ALL purchases EXCEPT for Contact Lenses, Accessories, Solutions, Services, Eye Screening Examination, and Purchase of Vision Lab Cash Vouchers unless otherwise stated.

» Cashback is NOT APPLICABLE for purchases using FavePay and PayLah as mode of payment.

» Your purchase amount will be keyed into the Advocado systems and your Cashback earned is based on your membership tier (e.g. 5% for All Members) and will be automatically credited to your membership account.

» Please note that Cashback is calculated based on the Final amount, excluding 8% GST paid on the receipt.
An illustration for Cashback Calculation:
Purchased a pair of Sunglasses for $100.00
My Membership Tier for Basic Member = 5%
Cashback is calculated as follows:
Purchase Price Less 8% GST
= $100.00 / 1.08
= $92.59 Cashback Earned
= $92.59 x 5%
= $4.63

» You may then use your Cashback earned to enjoy savings off your next purchase.

Q11. Will my Cashback expire?
» Yes, Cashback will expire; any unused Cashback money will expire 365 days from the date of issuance.

Q12. Is my Cashback transferable?
» No, Cashback are non-transferable, and it can only be redeemed by the member only.

Q13. I am an existing member and I have changed my mobile number; how do I change or update my NEW mobile number
for my membership?

» You can change or update your new mobile number through the ‘Customer App’
» Login to using your previously registered mobile number,
» Then select ‘Account’ icon, which is located at the bottom page,
» Select ‘Change mobile number’,
» Enter your new mobile number and select ‘Confirm’
» Your new mobile number has now been updated in the systems!

Q14. What if I have forgotten my Login Password?
» Upon Login to using your registered mobile number,
» Then click ‘Forget?’, which is located next to the Password field,
» A Password Reset Email will be sent to your registered email that you have provided,
» Click on the link ‘Reset Now’ in the email to reset your password,
» Enter your new Password,
» Click ‘Save New Password’
» Your new password will be updated in the systems.

Q15. Can I Reset my Login Password?
» You can reset your Login Password through ‘Customer App’
» Login to using your registered mobile number,
» Then select ‘Account’ icon, which is located at the bottom page,
» Select ‘Change Password’,
» Enter your New Password
» Re-type your New Password (Please enter at least 8 alphanumeric characters for your Password)
» Select ‘Confirm’
» Your Password has now been reset in the systems.

Q16. What should I do if I have forgotten my Redemption PIN when I am making a purchase or making a redemption at the outlet?
» Kindly approach Vision Lab Storefront personnel to reset your Redemption PIN
» Login to the tablet – using your registered mobile number,
» Proceed with your purchase and upon your redemption for the respective e-Vouchers or Cashback,
» And when the systems prompt you to key in your Redemption PIN, click ‘FORGET PIN’
» You will receive a NEW PIN code via a SMS to your registered mobile number.

Q17. Can I Reset my Redemption PIN?
» You can reset your Redemption PIN through ‘Customer App’
» Login to using your registered mobile number,
» Then select ‘Account’ icon, which is located at the bottom page,
» Select ‘Change Redemption PIN’,
» Enter your New Redemption PIN (4 Digits Only)
» Click ‘Save’
» Your Redemption PIN has now been reset in the systems.

Q18. How do I check my Cashback credits and the e-Vouchers?
» Upon Login to using your registered mobile number,
» At the ‘Home’ page, you will be able to see your Cashback Credits Amount,
» OR for further Full details, click on the Vision Lab photo,
» Full details can be seen under the ‘Campaigns’ – e.g. Cashback credit amount and its Expiry Date,
» The respective welcome pack e-Vouchers are all shown on this page,
» Click on each of the e-Voucher or the ‘Cashback’ to view all details Terms and Conditions.
» E.g. Click on ‘Cashback’, Click ‘Info’ – you will be able to view all the details T&Cs
» Click on ‘Activity’ – you will be able to view your transaction records/details.