Contact lens prices vary depending on the type of lens you require. Generally a 3 month supply of contacts costs about $120 and a 3 month supply of cleaning solution costs about $30.

An initial contact lens fitting consultation costs $100 and includes professional contact lens fitting, teaching you how to put them in and take them out and a follow up visit after approximately 1 week.

If you would like to wear extended wear (overnight) contact lenses these require several more follow up visits (one week, overnight follow up and one month follow up) and so the fitting fees are higher to reflect this ($30 per extra follow up aftercare appointment).

• Daily wear lenses
• Fornightly or monthly disposable lenses
• Overnight (extended wear) lenses
• Coloured lenses
• Crazy pattern lenses
• Multifocal contact lenses

Contact lenses are a medical device and sit directly on the eye. People who wear contact lenses are much more likely to suffer from eye infections etc if they do not have regular checkups. We need to make sure that it is still healthy for you to wear lenses and usually will recommend the most up to date products for your current needs. Your contact lens prescription lasts for 1 year so please ensure your prescription is up to date before you run out and want to order some more lenses so that we can get them to you asap!

When you first put contact lenses in, you may feel a slight discomfort like an eyelash stuck in the eye. This usually goes away after the first 15minutes and most people easily adapt to contact lens wear in the first couple of days.

Contact lenses can be safely worn by most people so it is important to discuss your needs with your optometrist (Rebecca) so that the best care can be provided. The people who usually run into difficulties are those who are relaxed with their lens cleaning and hygiene or who don’t follow the instructions.

You can get single use contacts, 14 wear contacts, 30 wear contacts and also contact lenses that are designed to be used for a year or longer. We will discuss the lens most suitable for you during your consultation.

Most people are suitable for coloured contacts whether they need glasses or not. We can custom make them if you would like something out of the ordinary.

No. Most contact lenses now use one bottle cleaning regimes. Follow the basic instructions on each pack. We will show you how to clean your lenses and give you a sample of your cleaner. Daily contact lens don’t need cleaning at all!

More than likely! New products are coming available every month so if the last time you tried lenses was in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s you could be in for a surprise about how comfortable and convenient they can be, as well as so much better for the health of your eyes.

Come in and talk to Rebecca. If you are really motivated, there is a contact lens option for just about everyone.

Call us and make an appointment for a 1 hour general eye test and contact lens fitting. We offer a FREE contact lens trial for everyone.

Generally we have trial lenses in stock that you can try that day to wear. If for whatever reason you dont go ahead to order contact lenses there is no fitting fee to be paid!